the inn

Located in an exiguous 300 meter peninsula parallel to the sea, Camurim Grande is an Inn that used to be a house. The residence belongs to the couple Marcelo Lacerda and Cristiana Freire (Kiti) who, 21 years ago, chose this little piece of beach in Maragogi to live. That’s where they received visits from their parents, brothers, in-laws, children – and also cousins and friends of their children. And that’s how, through time, Kiti and Marcelo turned their home into an affection spot. In 2012, this sentimental location gave space to more people. It was extended and refurbished into an Inn – almost naturally with architect Pedro Motta’s project. The old home opened its doors as a restaurant. Around it, bungalows and cabins were built. Shelter was the verb that guided the whole project of transforming what used to be a house into a collective space. Shelter visitors, shelter couples, families. Shelter meetings – and the celebrations that came from them.  But also shelter nature: only 5% of the five hectare land was occupied to build Camurim Grande Inn. Throughout the rest of the terrain you find coconut palm plantations, mango and cashew trees and mangrove reigning freely: green area that is the crib of biodiversity, life.